As I headed to the iconic Coney Island and Brighton beaches, following a decade hiatus, I asked, "What will be the same? What won’t? Are there new adventures for the taking?"

Parking had alway been a part of the adventure and it still is. I found a metered parking place twice with patience and acts of kindness bestowed from drivers and pedestrians.  The steep parking fee at the NY Aquarium's lot was $24 vs $2 for two hours at the Munimeter.  

My first stop was Famous Nathan’s.  I passed on the fries to try their famous seafood soups.  But choosing was a dilemma until offered a free sampler - the Coney Island Chowder won! Nathan's counter staff speak English as their second language to align to their current client base.  That took a little getting used to when voicing a special request.

Walking on the boardwalk and pier didn’t disappoint. I found interesting people happy to converse with me and took some great photos with a view. On the main boardwalk I bumped into the Coney Island greeters organization - this is a new "wow“ touch.

I watched the traditional amusement rides and the harrowing new ones.  There were no lines for the historic Cyclone.  Im sure that changed as the day progressed.  

The number of boardwalk cafes in Brighton have grown. Stopping for a plate of fruit at a shaded table was perfect for people watching. Experiencing the quality of service, food and location, a second course was ordered to keep the table longer.

The ocean was the cleanest, I’ve remembered it and there were lot's of people enjoying it.  On a hot summer day the beach continues to be the perfect place to lounge or to fit in a bit of exercise (or both)!

When you revisit a venue, what makes you glad that you did?